As an enthusiastic Sport Leadership Professional I focus on female empowerment and education for the young bright minds of the future.

While traveling the world, I work as freelancer and specialise in female leadership, student coaching and advise organisations on their online sports marketing projects. Here you can find some examples of my professional expertise. For a full list and references, please see my profile.

Current work

Read an article (in Dutch) about my work at Empowering Women of Nepal in the summer of 2019.

At the Erasmus University Rotterdam I’m currently responsible for the elite athletes policy, student coaching and administration, as freelance elite athlete coordinator through Erasmus Sport.

Female empowerment

As part of my experience in sports and project management, I have focused on using sports as a means to empower women. I specialised in the topic through my Ma Management & Leadership with a research thesis Managerial Leadership in College Sports in the Netherlands: A Focus on Gender.”, that I presented at the 2016 annual international forum of the European Network of Academics Sports Services.

In the form of events, trainings and workshops, I aim to help women become self-aware, confident and strong. The combination of sports, leadership and personal development results in interactive and productive programs, tailored to women and young adults. Working together with other empowerment organisations, experienced (sports) trainers and ngo’s I strive for gender equality. I believe that empowered, independent women will be able to stand up for what they desire and show great leadership.

In Pokhara, Nepal, I worked at the NGO Empowering Women of Nepal and their partner organisation 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking Company.
I worked closely together with one of the founders and executive director Ms. Lucky Chhetri.

I carried out various responsibilities;

– Professionalize customer relation- and data management operations
-Writing and submitting fundraising proposals for international funds
-Teaching English daily to young women during the 6 week Female Trekking Guide Training Program
-Hosting Leadership and Empowerment workshops
-Rock Climbing training
-Advise the office on online marketing strategies, including website and social media

Experience in Sports, Events and Project Management

I have over 7 years experience in (sports) marketing, communication and project management. In particular sport events and academic conferences, student coaching, online communication and social media. I’ve hold positions in management teams, worked as marketing manager, coordinated student club activities and have been the project leader of multiple international sport and academic events.

Organisations I have worked for;
Program assistant J. Michael Dunn Sport & Wellness Scholars Program


You can inquire about options for a collaboration, workshop or guest lecture, or even hire me in the digital marketing field. I can help you for example with your social media strategy, or project management related tasks that can be done remotely or in the country of your organisation.

Topsporters die opzoek zijn naar een geschikte studie in Nederland, om na hun sport ook aan een maatschappelijke carrière te kunnen beginnen, kan ik in het studiekeuzetraject adviseren. Ik ga graag het gesprek aan. Topsporters (en ouders) kunnen daarvoor vrijblijvend een bericht sturen.

Nederlandse Sportkunde / Sport management / Sport marketing studenten die opzoek zijn naar een stage in het buitenland, of hulp willen bij hun scriptie, kunnen ook bij mij terecht voor advies. Stuur vrijblijvend je vraag.